Management consulting

The world becomes financially uncertain, the business environment and economic conditions are constantly changing, there are always new laws and regulations to comply with. These changes affect all organizations.

To survive in such an intensely competitive environment  is imperative that companies clearly define their critical success factors (CSFs) – the vital areas for the business in order for them to achieve their strategic objectives. The achievement of CSFs should allow the organisation to cope better than rivals with any changes in the competitive environment and to maximize performance.  It is not enough merely to make plans and implement them. The result of the plans have to be measured and compared against stated objectives to assess the company’s performance. Performance measurement is an ongoing process, which must react quickly to the changing circumstances of the company and of the environment.  EA is an advisor to  management teams, helping them incorporate or improve performance management techniques, as well as introduce proven methods into their organization’s strategic and financial management processes and consistently achieve their goals.

Performance Improvement

The  business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities. To enable an organisation to fulfil its mission,  organization must continuously improve their performance, and sustain that improvement. The highly skilled professionals in our team will help clients and senior management meet their objectives:

  • use strategic planning and control models to plan and monitor organisational performance.
  • assess and identify key external influences on organisational performance.
  • identify and evaluate the design features of effective performance management information and monitoring systems.
  • apply appropriate strategic performance measurement techniques in evaluating and improving organisational performance.
  • evaluate strategic business performance and recognise vulnerability to corporate failure.

Customer Strategy & Marketing

At Eureka Advisors, we support the formulation of a company’s strategy that aim to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, and to enable an organisation to use its resources and competencies advantageously in the context of an ever changing environment. We help our clients with the implementation of strategic (or corporate) planning, which involves formulating, evaluating and selecting strategies to enable the preparation of a long-term plan of action and to attain corporate objectives. We help clients with services in areas such as Marketing Strategy and Effectiveness and Sales Strategy and Effectiveness.

Business Services & Outsourcing

From accounting to IT services, Eureka Advisors  provides customised internationally outsourced solutions tailored to fit client’s  needs.


Budgeting  is an important tool for planning and control within an organisation and contributes to performance management by providing benchmarks against which to compare actual results and develop corrective measures.  Our qualified experts will help the company understand the relative merits of the different budgeting approaches and choose the approach that is most suitable for them.