Audit & Assurance

High quality, independent financial statement audits are essential to maintaining investor confidence. Financial statement audits give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets – a responsibility to the public interest. Eureka Advisors professionals take very seriously, applying powerful D&A routines to create better audit evidence and gain deeper insights.


Effective compliance programs play a critical role in warning off potential threats and preventing violations of laws that, at a minimum, could tarnish a corporation’s image and impact its business relationships or financial viability. Our highly experienced professionals bring detailed knowledge of their fields and industries to client projects, providing full-scale assessments, process improvement and support for compliance programs. We help analyze current policies and procedures to find gaps or breaches in existing safeguards and are adept at designing and implementing controls that serve to rehabilitate deficiencies and/or monitor the continuing effectiveness of an organization’s compliance program in an ever-changing business environment.


When organizations think about audit and assurance, they often focus on assurance over the financial statements alone. However, assurance can be applied to all of the information that is used to manage, govern, transact with and invest in an organization. The market is demanding more accountability and transparency from companies in all aspects of their business. Assurance on non-financial information can help instill confidence in the important decisions that management makes on behalf of an organization.

Cash flow analyses

Cash flow analysis and financial projections are very important methods for getting an unbiased, comprehensive view of your company’s current financial health. Investors care  about the “statement of cash flows” because it provides insight into how your company generates and expends cash, and ultimately, its ability to return value to shareholders.

We help you to establish a cash flow statement operations baseline across a wide spectrum of various cost and revenue components such as days working capital, return on capital employed, cash conversion efficiency, forecast accuracy, and others.   Our business advisory services look deeper into examining current expenses and revenue vs future expenses and revenue, so that your company can learn to optimize it better to meet both long and short term financial goals.