SIA Eureka Advisors Ltd (EA), located in Riga, Latvia,  is a community of professional experts who have combined their competencies to offer clients innovative management, financial, operational, technological and tactical solutions helping them to achieve their goals.

  • Our values

We are strongly client-oriented, we value trust and mutual respect as a basis of relationships with our clients, allow clients enjoy the advantages of teamwork, that all help us to constantly strive for excellence.

  • Client focus

In our view there are no other options in our business but to be completely client-oriented. Commitment to the client is the number one priority to every team member of Eureca Advisors. We help our clients succeed, acting in our clients’ best interests, starting with understanding their needs and striving for a goal to exceed their expectations.

  • Teamwork

Teamwork is an integral part of almost any project we undertake. The best result could be reached when we get together and unite our skills, qualifications, competencies and experience in order to work out a solution to a task. Besides, we have a wide network of third parties outside the company, who are able to help us provide to the client professional advice by working across boundaries of business, geography and function.

  • Integrity

Trust is fundamental. For us trust means – open communication with the clients, mutual respect on every stage of our relationships as well as effective cooperation, listening and learning from each other. Integrity, dignity and accountability are key in relationships with every our client.

  • Respect

We respect our partners, colleagues and clients, we study together and develop each other. We welcome honesty, openness and honesty in business relationships, we care about maintaining long-term partnership.

  • Excellence

We strive for excellence in the handling of everything we do. In our constant desire to be better we are committed to on-going professional development and personal growth. Taken into account the challenges of the modern world, we build in our company a culture of learning and constant improvement. We believe that as a result of constant developing of our expertise we can provide our clients with high quality of services and meet their expectations.

  • Ethics and compliance

EA committed to integrity, we adhere to the highest standards of ethics and compliance, delivering a high level of comfort to our customers and partners. We are committed to principles of integrity and business ethics, as we continue to gain the trust of our customers and partners, providing an excellent level of customer service and acting ethically in everything we do.

  • Corporate Responsibility (CR)

We view corporate responsibility (CR) as a necessary part of our corporate culture. Our approach is inspired by the experience of other successful companies in the world  that create a better world.